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In the 18th-19th centuries, lace in Russia was of two varieties: piece and measuring. Piece products had a closed composition. They were used for decoration of the interior or clothes. Measuring products — openwork ribbon with straight or wavy edges, which can be indefinitely continued.

Although lace was often bought for a large amount of money, craftswomen received low wages, which was not enough for living. According to 1880s data, wages of craftswomen made 15-16 kopecks per day for 16-18 working hours. Skilled craftswomen could receive more — up to 25.

In 1883, the first professional educational institution for women preparing the master-teachers of lacemaking was established in Russia. It was found upon charitable terms of Sofia Aleksandrovna Davydova, a connoisseur of applied art creativity, organizer of exhibitions and congresses. The school was named Mariinskaya, in honor of the Empress Maria Fedorovna. In 1916, after Davydova's death, the school was transferred to Ryazan governorate, to the estate of the School Principal M.S. Orlova. After Bolshevistic Revolution, the school was closed.

After 1917, lacing was acknowledged as aristocrats' freak. Only in 1960s, the trade began to revive. Nevertheless, in the period of 1917-1960ies, there were still several lacemaking centers in the country. For example, in large Kadom village of the Ryazan region, in 1935, Lacemaking School and the entire handicraft business were included in SCNE (Supreme Council of National Economy) system. "Probuzhdenie" guild was arranged out of the private enterprise. It mainly worked for exports to America and Western Europe, but also created products for the domestic market. Changes in country's life were also stamped in the creative work: laces began to include images of tractors, trains and locomotives.

There is a belief that during the Great Patriotic War Vologda lacemakers created elegant products for European nations. They exchanged laces for weapons, food, medicines and basic necessities.

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