Round linen lace tablecloths

Among our tablecloths  models  there is also round lace tablecloth. When you order a round tablecloth some peculiarities should be  known.  It   only looks  good on round tables. It’s important to make  the right measurements, namely the fabric   should be long enough to hang down on the sides. If it is a banquet or formal even  it will  better that   your tablecloth to come almost all the way to the ground to hide the legs of the table. Less formal meals can have a shorter tablecloth and still look great. Make sure that the cloth isn’t so long that it pools uncomfortably in the laps of the people sitting around the table.

Our round tablecloths can be decorated with lace and embroidery, which make it more festive. On the other side,  special cut with lace allows us to make  a round tablecloth of any sizes according to your request. Please send us your measurements  and the required model from our catalog, we will glad to make the round tablecloth  for you!

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