Why we use 100% cotton batiste for our nightgowns and peignoirs

The most popular eco-friendly materials made from natural silk and vegetable (cotton, linen, bamboo) fibers. Nightwear made  from them are convenient to use, hypoallergenic  and are not capable of accumulating static electricity. On the contrary, synthetic fabrics do not allow the skin to breathe freely.

Our  nightgowns made of natural, non-allergenic batiste  created from the finest cotton or linen twisted yarn, are very popular. The batiste  fabric is thin, transparent and very light. Therefore, batiste nightdresses  are the best  for hot summer nights. Cambric products are hygroscopic. Despite its softness, cambric is distinguished by its durability and  products made of it do not deform during wearing.

Our batiste nightgowns collection consists of peignoirs, nightdresses of different models, top and shorts.

Lace and embroidery decoration creates  an attractive visual effect!

We will be glad to offer any item from our Loungewear & Sleepwear &Lingerie catalog!

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