Why our nightwear collection is in great demand

Our  fashionable line of sleepwear made of cambric is trimmed with sewing or lace. Models with a transparent lace, complemented by embroidery, look especially impressive. In addition to creating an attractive visual effect, it promotes free access of air to the body.

Our batiste nightgowns collection with lace and embroidery decoration is the embodiment of femininity and elegance.

Nightgown fashion is  also changeable as are  for  all types of clothing. Fashion trends mainly  concern silhouette and proportions. Fashion designers have developed modern simple, restrained, elegant and erotic styles of women's nightwear: short and long, different silhouettes and cut, with and without sleeves, with straps of different widths: from wide to the narrowest "spaghetti".

Our nightwear collection also is  various, consisting of long and short nightdresses, simple tops and shorts suitable for young ladies, as well as expensive and elegant models for exigent buyers!

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