Linen fabric for summer gowns

Linen is the best fabric for  the summer time! Synthetic fabrics do not allow the skin to breathe freely and retain  the moisture. Linen clothing is devoid of all these disadvantages. Flax is a real rescue in the heat weather, it is smooth and   little cool at the same time. It  creates  a feeling of freshness.

That’ s why linen dresses are  very popular, especially linen  dresses with lace, they are not only   very comfortable but  elegant. Such  outfits  are suitable for every occasion. Lace can decorate the neckline, neckline, cuffs or hem of the dress. Such decor gives the outfits a luxurious look.

The advantages of women's linen clothing also include its durability and ease of care. Due to its high strength, even after numerous washings, the products retain their original appearance.

Our linen dresses are mainly with loose  fit  or straight  silhouette. Lace is usually decorated the front, the sleeves and the bottom of the model. The dress can be also decorated with flounces, embroidery, contrast linen stripes, pleats and buttons.

Furthermore, we can offer A-la-russ dress, decorated with Richelieu embroidery and handmade lace.

The production of such dresses  is painstaking and the price is rather  high, but they   look like real pieces  of the art and  will make you unforgettable in all parties.

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