Eco friendly handwoven handbags from 100% natural linen.

We like natural fabrics, especially flax, which is grown in our country. From the ancient times Russian people have made clothes, towels, tablecloths from linen.
It is the most popular crop in our country for making textile items. 
We would like to offer our new and unique handmade bag made from natural linen cords.
It is 100% natural and eco friendly. The bag is made on the handloom and the handles are woven inside the bag cloth. The handles themselves are braided in pigtales.
It makes such bag not only extraordinary in its design but also very firm and durable.
This bag will be suitable for boho and rustic styles, and can be used for a long time.
Please contact us at info@ruttc.com for more information and catalog request.

 30/06/2022 18:06  527

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