Handmade bobbin lace

Traditional Russian lace making!

According to weaving method, lace may be of four kinds: bobbin and needle-knotted, rod-woven and crocheted. The first was common among peasants, the second - among aristocrats. Such division was not only in Russia, but throughout Europe as well.

Weaving on bobbins is a special technique of weaving lace, in which the pattern is created with the help of special tools: a roller and bobbins. Bobbins are special wooden sticks on which the threads of weaving are wound.

Bobbin lace making is a very difficult craft, the most complex part of which is to create a design. It is distinguished by symmetrical patterns, large expressive forms, strict interchange of turns, continuous line and tortuous path. 

This type of lace decoration is characterized with more interesting and original drawings. The most famous are the patterns in the form of stars-snowflakes, frost patterns on window and the thinnest spider’s web.

We are glad to present table napkins and collars produced from Bobbin lace according to the ancient lace making tradition in the Northern part of Russia.  

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